Do you want to get to know the multifaceted Mexico City while improving your Spanish? Hike the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca while practicing your Spanish? Toast with a pulque while learning your first words of chilango Spanish? Make mole with a chef and talk about the finer things in life? Discover the fascinating world of the Maya by visiting archaeological sites and living in indigenous communities? Traveling for this purpose can be an incredible experience to improve your language skills and immerse yourself in a new culture.

What is immersion travel?

Cultural and linguistic immersion is a travel philosophy that involves total immersion in the daily life and traditions of local communities to practice Spanish and get to know the country you are visiting from the inside. It goes beyond simply visiting tourist sites, as it gives you the opportunity to interact with locals, learn about their culture, taste their cuisine and participate in authentic activities. It is a unique way to understand and appreciate the diversity of the world, promoting cultural exchange and mutual respect.

Learn and practice Spanish in Mexico

Spanish is the second language of international communication, with more than 500 million speakers around the world, only behind English. Currently, Mexico is the country that concentrates the largest community of Spanish speakers. It has an impressive cultural diversity, and its people are very friendly and welcoming to visitors. Plus, they speak Spanish slowly and don’t miss the letters! So welcome to Mexico for a language trip.

Traveling while learning Spanish?

To learn and perfect Spanish, there are many courses and methods, but none are as effective as total immersion in the country where the language is spoken. During the trip, participants have the opportunity to practice the language in real situations, such as conversations with native speakers, structured language classes, cultural and social activities, and exploration of the local and social environment. The main objective is to improve language skills in a practical and experiential way, which can be very effective in accelerating language learning and understanding.

An enriching experience

Cultural-linguistic immersion offers a series of significant advantages that can enrich your life in various ways:

  • Language learning : Immersing yourself in a culture where the language you are learning is spoken is one of the most effective ways to improve your language skills. By interacting daily with native speakers in real situations, you will develop a deeper, more natural understanding of the language.
  • Cultural understanding: Cultural immersion gives you the opportunity to better understand the customs, traditions, values and mindset of another culture. This will help you develop a more open-minded, tolerant and respectful attitude toward cultural differences.
  • Developing intercultural skills: Living in a culturally diverse environment forces you to adapt to new ways of behaving and communicating. This process helps you develop important intercultural skills such as empathy, flexibility, and the ability to communicate effectively in cross-cultural contexts.
  • Broaden your perspective: Cultural immersion exposes you to new ways of seeing the world, which can broaden your perspective and enrich your life in many ways. It allows you to question your own beliefs and prejudices, and helps you develop a deeper understanding of human diversity.
  • Unique life experiences: Cultural immersion gives you the opportunity to have unique experiences that you might not otherwise have. From participating in festivals and cultural events to tasting traditional foods and exploring historical sites, these experiences can enrich your life in unimaginable ways.

In a group or alone?

Malinali Travel organizes cultural-linguistic immersion trips for both solo travelers and groups.

For groups of Spanish students we offer three immersion trips:

1) Colors and Flavors of Central Mexico

2) Oaxaca of my loves

3) Living with the Mayans of Yucatán

Each of these three trips, organized for universities and language schools, focuses on cultural and linguistic immersion. The group travels by bus with a guide who accompanies them from arrival to departure. During the cultural visits, the group is divided into sub-groups according to their level of Spanish. Each subgroup has its own local guide. Aside from the guided group tours, there are always moments when students can choose between different activities according to their interests. We also organize fun activities such as quizzes, treasure hunts, etc. to encourage conversation with the locals.

The benefits of traveling in a group are: 

  1. Companionship and support: Traveling in a group gives you the opportunity to share experiences with other people who share your interests and passions. This creates a sense of camaraderie and allows you to enjoy the company of others while exploring new places.
  2. Shared costs: Traveling in a group can often be cheaper than traveling alone, as many expenses, such as accommodation, transportation, tours, guides, and meals, can be shared among group members. This can give you access to experiences that might otherwise be out of your budget.
  3. Diversity of perspectives: Traveling with people of different ages, cultures or backgrounds can enrich the experience by offering a variety of perspectives and viewpoints. 

For traveling students we offer:

  1. Private Spanish classes in different cities (CDMX-Oaxaca-Mérida-San Cristóbal de las Casas)
  2. Stays in rural communities with/without volunteer work

The advantages of traveling alone are:

  1. Self-knowledge: Traveling alone gives you the opportunity to know yourself better by facing new situations and challenges without depending on the influence of others.
  2. More interaction and Spanish practice: Being alone allows you to interact more with the locals, which can lead to meaningful encounters and more Spanish practice.
  3. Developing social skills: By relying solely on yourself to make friends, you can develop your social skills and your ability to communicate in different cultural contexts.
  4. Increased concentration: With no distractions, you can immerse yourself in the culture, language, history and environment of the places you visit.
  5. Personal empowerment: Overcoming the challenges that arise during a solo trip can increase your confidence and self-esteem, showing you that you are capable of dealing with any situation.

In summary

Cultural immersion is a transformative experience that not only helps you improve your language skills, but also enriches you personally, helps you develop a deeper understanding of the world, and provides you with memories and experiences that you will cherish forever. Unlike traditional tourism, in which the tourist is an observer and consumer of culture, cultural immersion tourism puts the traveler and the local community on the same level, creating an enriching exchange for both parties.

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Our travel designer Murielle Coppin has a degree in Romance Philology. Before moving to Mexico, she worked as a Spanish teacher at a language institute in Brussels, for which she organized several linguistic and cultural immersion trips in Spain. Today, she continues to organize these types of trips in Mexico, the country where she has chosen to live.