Experience, passion, and commitment at your service


We are a travel agency in Mexico that aims to provide unique and regenerative travel experiences for all people, where the human encounter and its relationship with nature and communities is fundamental.

Our vision is to be a reference as a regenerative tourism agency in Mexico, offering a wide range of destinations, products and regenerative tourism services throughout the Mexican Republic.


We work with trustworthy & honest people and offer fair prices.


In terms of our services, processes, and dealings with all the people involved.


We work with certified and experienced guides and operators.


We help to create awareness and improve the lives of living beings and nature. 


Inclusion y respect

We include the local population and respect their customs and traditions.

Tourism for everyone

We offer our services to all people without any discrimination.


If you want to live authentic experiences when traveling in Mexico, the “slow travel” proposed by Malinali Travel is for you: it is the art of traveling at a slower pace. Not running, but walking.

In a modern world where time pressures us in our daily lives, we invite you to slow down during your trip. Slow Travel will allow you not only to rest and enjoy but to connect with the places you visit, the people you meet, and yourself.

Therefore, Malinali travel distances itself from tight itineraries that leave no time to enjoy or assimilate and gives preference to give time to time because “less is more”, right?


Real trips change you; you don’t come back the same way you left. They leave you with a lesson; they sow a seed of change. During your trip with Malinali Travel, you will come in contact with communities, projects, and people who preserve community values and who are guardians of the ancestral culture and the natural environment. They will make you reflect and perhaps inspire you to commit yourself to a better world.

True travel thus becomes another tool for local development, for the preservation of Mother Earth, and for the mutual understanding of peoples. Based on an egalitarian vision of respect for each other and their cultures, travel provides an enriching experience for both the visitor and the local people. Travel promotes peace.


Mexico is a megadiverse country, both naturally and culturally, and you, as a traveler, will experience it. Unfortunately, conventional or mass tourism leaves a big footprint.

Malinali Travel loves Mexico. Therefore, we not only seek to minimize the possible negative impact of tourism, but we are directly involved in promoting and offering regenerative tourism that aims at environmental and social regeneration.

With this philosophy, we propose alternative paths and transformative experiences that activate deep connections between visitors, communities and ecosystems.