Malinali Travel takes you on a journey through fascinating Mexico. Together we will discover, with all our senses, the magic of this land in all its facets. We create authentic experiences that connect us as human beings and cultures and inspire us to contribute to a better world where understanding and peace prevail.

Malinali Travel is the result of 20 years of intense contact with the cultural and natural heritage of Mexico. This experience allows us to establish a bridge between visitors and local people, with whom we have built a valuable friendship, thanks to which the visitor stops being a “tourist” and becomes a guest. We continue to travel and guide so as not to lose the taste of discovery and to never stop discovering new places and meeting new friends.

Malinali Travel is part of the Global Regenerative Tourism Initiative, a community that is co-creating a new understanding and vision to innovate in the development of tourism that goes beyond sustainability and seeks to regenerate in a holistic way the relationship between nature, culture and people.

The Malinali Travel team is made up of four women who are passionate about travel and committed to a better world. Each one has her own story and her own talents. 

Murielle Coppin

Murielle Coppin

founder + travel designer + certified guide + yoga teacher

Murielle is Mexican, born in Belgium. After finishing her degree in Roman Letters, she worked as a Spanish teacher in Brussels. Her love for the Hispanic world and culture became her great passion. For many years she combined her exploratory travels in Latin America with journalism and volunteer work, according to her, the ideal way to discover and get to know another country is from the inside.

Since 2005, she has been living and working in her “México lindo y querido” as a travel agent and certified guide. In 2020 he studied a diploma course in “Sustainable Business Creation” and in 2023 he obtained a certificate in Regenerative Tourism. She has designed very diverse itineraries for several agencies in her native country and directly for clients. All her trips are focused on bringing visitors closer to this complex, diverse, and beautiful country that is Mexico so that they return to their place of origin with new knowledge about other ways of living and with the hope that they can contribute to a better intercultural understanding.

From 2020, she followed various Yoga trainings to become certified as a Yoga teacher and to deepen the journey into the inner self.

“For me, traveling is walking a new, unknown path, with a lot of intersections that always lead you back to yourself. The encounter with other cultures raises many questions, and contributes to a better understanding of the world with its different ways of living. Every journey undertaken makes the traveler a more tolerant and open-minded person. Every encounter with nature is an encounter with the essence of life and with your inner peace. Traveling is both forgetting and creating, letting go and giving. To travel is to remove inner and outer impediments”.

Barbara Dolman

Barbara Dolman

Marketing + sales + tour leader

Barbara is originally from the Netherlands. During a trip through Central America, she visited the small colorful city of San Cristobal de Las Casas in the mountainous area of Chiapas, Mexico, where she immediately felt at home. After completing her studies in Cultural Anthropology and International Development, she returned to Mexico and worked for twelve years in a human rights organization, where she hosted people from thirty countries who worked voluntarily in local communities. Connecting people from different worlds is her passion. Through visits to local communities, she learned countless stories, mostly of hope, culture, pride, solidarity, strength, and dignity. Staying in the communities has shown her what hospitality and family mean to the Mexican people. At Malinali Travel, she is in charge of marketing and communication, and sales. 

In 2020 she studied “Strategic Marketing of Sustainable Tourism Destinations” at the Research Center for Sustainable Development (CIDES). She also accompanies groups as a guide. 

“For me, traveling means getting to know other ways of living, feeling alive and free, and filling myself with energy. Letting myself get caught by sounds, colors, people, aromatic smells, and enjoying really living in the moment. I marvel at the beauty of nature. I enjoy the beautiful sights so much that sometimes they overwhelm me, and I don’t even know where to look because I want to see everything at once. Traveling is an opportunity to get to know other cultures and to open your mind; the world is so big and diverse, traveling gives us the opportunity to open our horizons”.

Addy Peréz

Addy Peréz

Administration - reservations

Addy is Mexican, Chiapaneca, and proud of her roots. She is indigenous Mayan Chol. She has worked with women of her ethnic group since she was very young to raise awareness about their rights. For fifteen years, she was part of a non-governmental organization that fights for the transformation of gender, class, and ethnic inequalities, which allowed her to grow professionally. During that time, she was responsible for the administrative area.

Since 2016, she has been working at Malinali Travel doing various tasks, such as reservations, trip tracking, payments, invoices, and contact with suppliers, among other activities.

“For me, traveling is to recharge my energy but also to fill my soul, to find myself, and to grow. It fills me with positive things, and I disconnect from my daily routine. Traveling is one of life’s pleasures; you learn many things, such as cultures and histories, you know places, and people, you live with nature, and you learn to be more patient. The negative things you encounter help you to generate awareness that nothing is eternal. Traveling helps you to value life and it shows you that you have to enjoy it to the fullest because there is only one!”

Yatziri Montenegro

Yatziri Montenegro

Mindful Travel + Yoga instructor

Born in Mexico City, she is a marketer by profession but a yogini at heart. After more than 10 years of work experience in the corporate world, she started her path in yoga in 2013.  Today she has two certificates in Basic Yoga and a specialization in Krama and Swara Yoga endorsed by the SEP. Certified as an Instructor in Mindfulness by the Instituto Iberoamericano por la Paz, Sede Valencia, Spain. Passionate about yogic themes in everyday life, she loves to travel and help people find their own path to inner encounters.

Yatiziri is part of Malinali as a Marketing and Social Media specialist, and as a Yoga Instructor for our spiritual daughter of Mindful Travel Mexico.

“For me, traveling is rediscovering myself as a person; it is recognizing myself in other contexts. Every time I travel, I recognize a new part of myself. Being able to connect with other people, places, cultures, and languages allows me to connect with myself. Visiting each place with a beginner’s mind, as if it were the first time, has allowed me to enjoy the places more, but above all, to enjoy myself more. Learning to travel with my attention focused on the moment has changed the way I live my life. Enjoying and accepting the details is the charm of ‘mindful’ travel”